Our trip to Florida part 2


My dad gets out, leaving me and my mom alone in the car. Like a shark smelling blood, she whips her head around to me and focuses her eyes on my still hard, still exposed cock. In a single motion, she twists in her seat and takes my dick in her hand. Now, fully bending over in her seat, exposing her ass to anyone looking through the windshield, she dives in, taking my dick in her mouth. At first, I thought of stopping her, but then as she got going, I realized, this woman is like a pro. Finally snapping out of my zombie-like trance, I regain my senses and start to look out of the windshield for my dad. I see him walk out of the rest stop and I grab my mom's head, getting ready to push her away when he stops and lights a cigarette. He stands there, smoking and what appears to be waiting for my niece to come out. I remove my hands from my mom's head and she realizes the coast is clear and speeds up. I look up, and see my niece walk out and I put my hand back on her head. She realizes she needs to hurry up and does so. lucky for me, i see my dad hand my niece a cig and I know I have a few more minutes.
My mom is going hard on me, and it isn't long before I am feeling my balls fill up again. Not much longer and my eyes are fixed on my niece and dad smoking. Dad finishes his and waits for Kelsey to finish. Kelsey takes the last drag from hers and throws it down.

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   I see my dad put his arm around Kelsey's waist and his hand rests on her zipper, which is still unzipped. She truns to him and hugs him and I notice her right hand go behind his back and her left to his crotch. At that moment, I can no longer hold back and shoot my load, which wasn't much, into mom's mouth. She finishes cleaning me off and removes her head from my lap. She throws me a look and licks her lips like she had earlier. She gives my dick one last squeeze and turns around.
Not sure if she notices my dad and Kelsey, but she nevers says anything so I assume she didn't. Meanwhile, Kelsey is squeezing my dad's cock through his pants, giving anyone else, including myself, a clear outline of his dick. His hand has now made it's way inside of her shorts and from what I can tell, he had gotten a finger in there, as he pulls it out and sucks it clean and smiles at her. They straighten up and remove their hands and start their walk back.
Kelsey goes to my mom's window and asks if she can ride upfront with Papaw. My mom agrees and gets into the back with me while Kelsey hops in the passenger side seat. My dad gets in and turns to me to ask me a question. He opens his mouth to ask but notices my still exposed cock, now going soft. I see him looking, as does my mom and Kelsey and my mom reaches over and pulls my short's leg down, covering me up.

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   My dad abandon's the question and turns around. He starts the car and pulls away. I notice my niece shift in her seat and appears to reach her hand over. I lean up and ask dad a question I already know the answer to just to see what she is doing. As I llean forward, I see her hand inside of his shorts. I just smile and lean back in my seat.
I had forgotten all about mom being back there with me and it's not until her hand is on my thigh do I remember. I ask her if she wants to use my leg as a pillow and she shakes her head yes. She does this, covering herself up with the blanket. Laying on her back she is looking up at me when I take my hand and place it on her stomach. I start making circles around her belly button and notice she closes her eyes. That's what I was looking for. Boldly, I continue my circles, moving down an inch at a time, finally reaching her waistband of her shorts. I stop and then look at her face. She opens her eyes for a second, looking into my eyes, then shutting them again.

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   As she shuts her eyes, I let my fingers unbutton her shorts, then move her zipper down. Sliding my hands under her waistband, I rub back and forth slowly. Growing more and more bold, I go further down her body, ginally reaching her thin patch of pubes. I run my fingers through her pubes and eventually find the hood of her clit. I let my finger rest on her clit, slowly rubbing it. This makes her breathes speed up and I go further down. I split her lips with my finger and finally find what I had been waiting on since our "hug" earlier. I insert a finger and her body shudders. I am working my finger in and out and she is wriggling all over the place.
I feel her cum not once, but three times. After the third one, she clamps her legs shut, trapping my hand down there. I look down at her and she is staring at me. I lean down to kiss her but as I get closer she smiles and jumps up and is now on her knees facing me. She glances up and sees my dad's hand inside of Kelsey's shirt, rubbing her tits while her hand is in his shorts, rubbing his dick. Bringing her attention back to me, she grabs my leg and twists me around so I am now going across the seat.

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   She grabs my shorts and yanks them down. Now fully exposed to my mom, my dick springs to life and she smiles. Lifting her body up, she moves her shorts down over her ass, exposing her ass and cunt to a trucker who was lucky enough to be passing by at that moment. Finally getting her shorts off, she slinks her way up my body and straddles me. Reaching behind her, she guided my dick into her and sits down. neither of us move for a minute and it isn't until she moves forward, laying her chest on mine do I start to slide in and out of her. We stay like that for about 10 minutes and she, while still on me, leans forward and whispers something to my dad. Whatever she said, got a grin from him and a glance in the rearview at me. My mom leans back to me and whispers, " your dad said fuck me harder" and she kisses my ear. That's all I needed to hear and speed up. I am punding her as hard as I can and she starts to moan. She is still leaning by my ear when she whispers to me," Kelsey told us about how you like her to finger your asshole while she is blowing you and your dad wants to see if you wants to try something else up your ass while she and I blow you". At first, I am shocked at what she said then I grab her and tell her," only if I can return the favor to him and you". She smiles and leans forwards and whipsers to my dad what I said. He nods his head and she comes back down and shoves her tongue in my mouth.

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Realizing she got the answer she was looking for, she starts riding me like a woman possesed. I reach up, totally caught up in the moment, and grab her tank top and rip it open, exposing her giant tits to me. Shocked at my actions, she enters her strongest orgasm yet. When it subsides, she slides off me, and turns around. Not sure what she is doing. she reaches behind her, spreads her ass, exposing her hole to me. Taking her cue, I take my dick and slowly push my way into her darkest hole. Not the easiets position to do anal from, I pull out and we move into a doggy style position. I slid back in and start my pounding of my mother's brown-eye. Being so tight, it isn't long before I am cumming in her ass. After cumming yet again, I am wore out. My mom senses this and tells me to lie down. I do as she says and she lays her body on top of mine, and we drift off to sleep until we wake up to the feeling of the car stopping. . .

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